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We are:
Toby Pease
Robert Wilton
& Manda Scott

In the process of creating #PowerCut, our first TV series, we found ways of creating that feel generative, and regenerative.

We bring honesty, clarity and integrity to the process of writing so that what we create embodies the world we believe we need to see.

toby pease

toby pease

TV Production Manager

Toby has worked his way through the world of film and television alongside some of the finest artists and screen professionals… from Thin Red Line, Titanic and The Pacific to Sense8 and the four Matrix movies.  

His work with Narrative Ark is the culmination of a dream journey following a long and fortunate career.   More here.



Award-winning novelist turned podcaster and renegade economist

Manda used to be a horse vet but gave up the day job to be a novelist when her first book was shortlisted for the Orange Prize. Winning the McIlvanney Prize felt like a career peak so she’s taken a Masters in Regenerative Economics and, since January 2020, has been host of the Accidental Gods podcast, aiming for the conscious evolution of humanity.
More here.



International diplomat turned award-winning novelist and podcaster

Robert is a writer for page and screen, translator, coach and Balkan itinerant. A lapsed civil servant, co-founder of the Ideas Partnership charity helping marginalized minority communities, and podcaster of A Coffee in the Accursed Mountains, he has lived in Kosovo for much of the past 15 years. An award-winning novelist, he is now writing for diverse feature and documentary projects on screen. More here.

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